Download QSAND and Online Training

The QSAND Toolkit consists of:

  • QSAND e-learning Tutorial
  • QSAND CAT Workbook
  • QSAND CAT Workbook Answers
  • QSAND Guidance Manual 1.1: This document for the QSAND tool describes the sustainability performance criteria against which recovery and reconstruction projects can be self-assessed and scored, so as to inform decisions made in the aftermath of a natural disaster.
  • QSAND Schedule of Changes for Guidance Manual 1.1: This document outlines the changes made to the Guidance Manual from v1 to v1.1
  • QSAND CAT Assessment and Scoring Tool: This tool supports the assessment process and enables the user to track project performance and produce an overall score.

You are encouraged to review the documentation, complete the tutorial and complete the associated exercises before using QSAND. The tutorial will take approximately 90 minutes to complete.


QSAND e-learning Tutorial

This online e-learning video tutorial (available below) provides more detailed information on how QSAND should be practically applied for prospective users of the tool. It is advised that all users of the tool complete this tutorial before applying QSAND in the field. To accompany the tutorial, an exercise workbook has been prepared. Access to this video requires you to sign up below.

Typhoon Haiyan, Philippines Over one million homes were damaged and destroyed by the typhoon. The Red Cross is targeting support mainly at families who are rebuilding their homes or making temporary shelters, providing toolkits, materials and technical advice on how to build back safer. Tanuan , Eastern Leyte, Philippines

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