QSAND development was a collaborative process involving many organisations across the humanitarian sector. Moving forward our aim is to maintain collaboration, engagement and input in QSAND management, maintenance, and development. There are a number of ways you can support is in this and our mission to build a better world together.

Pro Bono work and Gifts in Kind – Giving your time and skills is a valuable asset to our organisation, and we would be interested to hear from you if you are interested in donating this way, regardless of your skill. Find out more.

Advisory and technical working groups – Developments in best practice and standards are constantly evolving. A driver of QSAND is to encourage continuous improvement and practice exceeding standard practices. To do this buying and input is essential not only to promote practical application in developments but also economic viability and much more. If you are interested in being part of an advisory or technical working group contact us at QSAND

Fundraise for us – There are lots of fun easy ways to raise money for QSAND and help promote sustainability and benefit communities in the long term, after natural disasters. Visit our Fundraising page to find out more.

Corporate Giving – Monetary donations are greatly appreciated to allow the continued work of QSAND and the application of the QSAND tool, and what better and more cost-effective way to do this than corporate giving? Contact us at QSAND to find out more.

Donate – Donate to QSAND to help fund the work that we do. Your donations will help us to impact and benefit communities in the reconstruction after natural disasters. Contact us at QSAND to find out more.