Pro Bono services help the QSAND tool develop and encourage the continued use of QSAND on projects and programmes. It is from the generous pro bono work and gifts in kind that has helped the QSAND told to be developed!

The generous donations of time and skills are invaluable and would be greatly appreciated!

Pro Bono services from experienced professionals in sectors such as the humanitarian, fundraising and public relations sectors would help QSAND develop and grow.

Gifts in Kind, such as printing or prizes for raffles, would save hundreds of pounds and help make a real difference.

To discuss supporting QSAND through Pro Bono work or Gifts in Kind please get in contact with us. Some pro bono services and gifts in kind that are particularly valuable to us include:

  • Provide technical expertise
  • Participate in a theory group
  • On the ground operation support
  • Review text and publishing

Next steps…

If you would like to support QSAND through pro bono services and gifts in kind, please contact us on:

QSAND or 03333218811