BRE Trust Conference 25th February 2020

Shape the Future Focus of the BRE Trust

The BRE Trust is a charitable foundation that supports research and education programmes designed to help deliver buildings and communities in which people can live well and achieve their goals. The BRE Trust Conference 2020 will be outlining the future focus of the company’s research and education programme and looking for like-minded organisations to partner with to help address some of the 21st century’s biggest challenges.

One key area of focus for the conference is the BRE Trust humanitarian programme. The modern world faces some significant challenges, but with the right tools and resources to address them, the 21st century also promises great opportunities to improve the lives and livelihoods of billions of people living in low-income, vulnerable contexts. At the conference, BRE Trust will be highlighting key elements of their programme through presentations from their partners in Catholic Relief Services, Article 25, and at Loughborough University, discussing collaborations focused on addressing some of the key issues facing the humanitarian sector, including:

  • More people, using more energy, living for longer
  • Rapidly growing urban population, especially in developing countries, where basic infrastructure and housing requirements are failing to keep up
  • Increasingly frequent and severe weather events and other disasters and a greater level of populations exposed to these threats
  • Unprecedented humanitarian need, despite higher levels of overseas development assistance and humanitarian aid committed than ever before

The BRE Trust wants to know how it can best support the humanitarian sector in improving the quality of the built environment globally, including through QSAND and supporting other tools and research programmes.

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