UK Shelter Forum 21

UK Shelter Forum 21

17th November 2017 – BRE, Watford

The UKSF has held two yearly meetings since 2006 and new forums were established in Australia and India in 2013. Each meeting is held at a different location around the UK with a different topic relating to current issues in the shelter sector. The theme of the 21st UK Shelter Forum is ‘Sustainability and Resilience’, two pressing topics in regards to humanitarian shelters. The venue is within the BRE Innovation Park in Watford, which includes a recently built Humanitarian Demonstration Shelter.

The day will be filled with short presentations from individuals in the Shelter Sector as well as ‘break out’ sessions to discuss current prominent issues in the shelter sector and view the facilities around BRE. After a full day of events there will be a dinner organised at a nearby location for those who wish to attend.

When is it happening?

17th November 2017

9am – 5.30pm GMT

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