Corporate Giving

Sponsorships and partnerships are vitally important to keep QSAND developing and being used in the recovery and reconstruction after a natural disaster. The support we receive allows QSAND to progress and help promote sustainability and resilience in vulnerable communities, benefitting these communities in the long term.


Supporting QSAND will help deliver meaningful results and help increase sustainability in communities after natural disasters. QSAND is a growing tool which is constantly being developed to better help people and communities. There are too many examples of after natural disasters when recovery and reconstruction occurred unsustainability and negatively impacted communities in the long term. This is what QSAND aims to prevent happening again.


Although benefits of sponsoring QSAND will vary depending on the support given, all our sponsorship packages offer exclusive opportunities for organisations to be involved.

All sponsors are recognised as a minimum of on our website and will receive QSAND newsletters to keep you updated on what QSAND is doing and opportunities available for you to get involved.

There are several ways your organisation can get involved and if you would like to learn more please contact us!

Next steps…

If you would like to support QSAND through corporate giving, please make your donations via our Donations page

Or contact us on: QSAND or 03333218811