Application of QSAND

Collaborating with us on QSAND

The BRE Trust are currently funding a project ‘Community Resilience’ which is exploring the application of QSAND. Among the outputs will be a freely available evidence base of resilience and sustainability focused solutions, methodology and case studies. The aim of the project is to support the humanitarian sector, governments and other interested organisations in efforts to improve the ability of communities to recover from the impacts of natural disasters, while also reducing or mitigating the impact on the natural and built environment. More information is available by clicking on the image below:

QSAND - ComRes leaflet image

Getting Involved

We are seeking:

  •  Partners to support the application of QSAND to pre and post disaster preparation, recovery and reconstruction project.

Anticipated partners: Central and/or local governments and municipalities, humanitarian agencies, donor organisations, Universities.

  • Projects or programmes focused on pre disaster planning and preparedness, post disaster recovery or reconstruction taking place following, or to mitigate the impact of, a range of natural disaster types.

Anticipated locations include: Asia, South America, Africa and the Caribbean.

Disaster types covered: Geophysical (Floods, Earthquake, Volcano etc.), Hydrological (floods landsides etc.) and Meteorological (Cyclones, storms, hurricanes).

We want to hear from you – please get in touch if you would like to get involved in applying QSAND.